Hi. I’m Caroline.

I’m a tall Asian girl with a gigantic heart and sarcasm in the capacity of an atomic crater. I’ve been called a cynical carebear of sorts, and I’ve grown to take pride in that nickname. In other words, I can have love shoot out from the depths of my belly, but can shoot daggers through my small, adorable eyes.

A lot of times in my life, I have these moments where I become incredibly emo, so I bring out my dark goth makeup, let my hair loose, and just type up an entry that bleeds gloom. As pathetic as that may sound, it’s actually cathartic in a way, and almost freeing of the darkness that I feel myself trapped in at times. Then there are the entries where I explode with joy, the confetti of my glee sprinkling all over the eyeballs of my readers. Delightful, no?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what you read. If you have suggestions for entries or even have questions, you’re more than welcome to do so. I always enjoy the random emails/comments I receive from people I don’t even know, or even friends I adore. Don’t stalk me though, I may end up liking it. No, this happened before and I didn’t like it at all. I’ll write about that someday.

Thanks for reading, friends. It doesn’t feel so lonely knowing that there are some pairs of eyes out there who give a shit. 🙂


3 thoughts on “CJ

  1. hi caroline…i found your blog via FB. i enjoy your thoughts, wherever they turn. 😀 thanks for writing and take care!

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